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White Flowers start of the coffee journey!!
2 nd stage beans
Nearly ready.
At last coffee.
For all the Coffee Lovers





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Procedure to do "On Line Shopping"

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Right side of page "Login"
Fill out your Username and Password.
Click Log in.
You will then be taken to on line shopping.

Right side of page "Login"
Click Create an account.
Fill out details.
Click Register.
Fill in Username and password.
Click Log in.
You may click Edit Profile or Shop Now.
Once you have finished shopping click on Check out.
Fill out delivery address.
Click next.
Delivery Method. Select S.A.Post or Courier.
Will show weight of coffee and delivery price.
Click Next.
Confirm Order.
Click Terms of Service Box.
Add any extra notes.
Click Confirm Order.
Order Completed.
You will receive an email with order. Open the attached PDF File.

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